Charity Project
'Save the Harvest'


Soilmates is a non-profit initiative with wild farmers and soil scientists, mindful chefs and conscious eaters, artists and earth-activists.
We believe fertile soil is key to preserve all life, both above and below the ground.
Our goal is to create awareness by giving a voice to the soil. Through artistic performances and culinary experiences we want to invite people to keep their 6 senses wide open and to step into the unexpected of the hidden half of nature.


Charity project 'Save the Harvest'
One vegetable basket at 17 euro
Booking before Wednesday 12:00
Take-out every Friday and Saturday
At restaurant humus x hortense
De Vergnies 20, 1050 Brussels
Booking [email protected]


Charity project

November – January

For every sold vegetable basket, 1 euro will be donated



the farming community


By choosing for

regenerative agriculture and

the living soil


Thank you for your donation

More info about donations or ways to contribute

Email [email protected]



SOILMATES are people willing to think holistically about the food system. Our aim is to create a paradigm shift in which the living earth becomes the center of the culinary experience, rather than the chef or the farmer.

By choosing a regenerative farming system and ensuring healthy soil, we – and future generations – will be able to continue to enjoy this bountiful array of delicious and flavorful foods.


The Soilmates movement has been initiated by restaurant owners Caroline Baerten and Nicolas Decloedt (Humus & Hortense), farmer Dries Delanote (Le Monde des Mille Couleurs) and creative designer Alexandra Swenden (Swenden Studio).

Since then, the collective has been joined by numerous chefs, regenerative farmers, artists, artisans, eco-warriors, scientists, and food experts.