aug 2020


Imagine the Garden of Eden opening its doors to a fortunate few. And Dries Delanote, one of Belgium’s most well-known botanist-farmers, personally guiding you through his edible jungle called “Le Monde des Mille Couleurs”.

Get ready for an artistic and poetic experience at the intersection of wildness and deliciousness, where soil and farming knowledge, cooking and artistic experiments mingle together!

One by one your senses will connect with this untamed environment, with dishes and drinks inspired by the day’s harvest and prepped by some of the most nature-revering chefs and sommeliers of their generation, and enlightened by four exceptional artists:


Nicolas Decloedt, Bruno Timperman, Ismael Guerre-Genton, Martijn Defauw, Florent Ladeyn, Pascal Barbot, Laurence x Jonas Haegeman, Caroline Baerten, Yves Bondue, Michaël Depestele, Peter Paelinck, Sven Verhaeghe.


Estimated performance time: 3 hours
Number of dishes served: 7
Bookings: online or mail [email protected]
Evenings are full, few places left for Tuesday 12.00!
Ticket: 155 euros / person (all included)
Venue: Le Monde des Mille Couleurs
Zweerdstraat 6, 8900 Dikkebus


23.08 at 7 pm

Nicolas Decloedt
Bruno Timperman
Ismael Guerre-Genton

24.08 at 7 pm

Nicolas Decloedt
Martijn Defauw
Florent Ladeyn

25.08 at 12 pm

Nicolas Decloedt
Pascal Barbot
Laurence/Jonas Haegeman

25.08 at 7 pm

Nicolas Decloedt
Florent Ladeyn
Laurence/Jonas Haegeman


The number of people per session will be limited in order to respect to the current situation of COVID-19. The event’s design takes into account all appropriate hygiene requirements and social distancing rules.
Due to the nature of the event, we are unable to cater for any special dietary requirements. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please be aware that this event may be filmed and photographed.
Please arrive on time, as the event will begin promptly at 12AM or or 7PM.
Please note that your e-ticket is not reimbursable unless federal COVID measures will inform us otherwise. And we suggest to wear comfortable shoes and dress warmly depending on the weather forecast of the day.


This very special gathering is a collaborative project between SOILMATES, the collective movement initiated by Caroline Baerten and Nicolas Decloedt (Humus & Hortense), Dries Delanote (Le Monde des Mille Couleurs) and creative designer Alexandra Swenden (Swenden Studio). Together with our soilmates chefs and artists we look forward welcoming you.


more info ? [email protected]

SOILMATES are people willing to think holistically about the food system. Their aim is to create a paradigm shift in which the living earth becomes the center of the culinary experience, rather than the chef and the farmer. Soilmates take action to foster fertile soil and value all life above and below ground. By choosing a regenerative farming system and ensuring healthy soil, we – and future generations – will be able to continue to enjoy this bountiful array of delicious and flavorful foods.