19-20. 09. 2021


Soilmates is a non-profit initiative with wild farmers and soil scientists, mindful chefs and conscious eaters, artists and earth-activists.
We believe fertile soil is key to preserve all life, both above and below the ground.
Our goal is to create awareness by giving a voice to the soil. Through artistic performances and culinary experiences we want to invite people to keep their 6 senses wide open and to step into the unexpected of the hidden half of nature.


A Call from the Soil
We are looking for Soilmates

Scientists, researchers, environmental activists or politicians in love with the regenerative earth and wishing to share their knowledge through presentations and texts
Producers, farmers, chefs and sommeliers with a soil-to-plate approach and who wish to meet a network of like-minded souls
Artists and artisans who want to give a voice to the earth through performances and artistic interventions


2 days of exploring the urban soil 19-20. 9. 2021

with artistic, scientific and culinary interventions at many places in Brussels

Reflecting on the role of the soil in the city and stimulating new initiatives in connection with the living earth.


Do you want to join the movement?

Send an email to [email protected]

with your answers to following questions:

Who are you/what are you doing?
What is your connection with the living earth?
How do you want to contribute to Soilmates?



SOILMATES are people willing to think holistically about the web of life. Our aim is to create a paradigm shift in which the living earth becomes the center of the culinary and artistic experience, rather than the chef, artist or the farmer. The soil becomes the subject.

By choosing a regenerative farming and food system and ensuring healthy soil, we – and future generations – will be able to continue to enjoy this bountiful array of precious materials and delicious foods.


The Soilmates movement has been initiated by restaurant owners Caroline Baerten and Nicolas Decloedt (Humus & Hortense), farmer Dries Delanote (Le Monde des Mille Couleurs) and creative designer Alexandra Swenden (Swenden Studio).

Since then, the collective has been joined by numerous chefs, regenerative farmers, artists, artisans, eco-warriors, scientists, and food experts.







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Press inquiry

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